British Roller Derby Championships

Press Release: Keeping Roller Derby a Safe Space

Yesterday the international Roller Derby community was shocked to discover one of our experienced, high-level officials has pleaded guilty to and been convicted of criminal acts harmful to children. This official has received a 2 year suspended sentence, and has been permanently banned from participation in all WFTDA, MRDA, UKRDA, JRDA, and British Championships events and groups effective immediately. We are unified in our condemnation of these disgusting and harmful criminal acts.
We are seeking legal advice on how to better vet participants, and are reviewing our Code of Conduct; our priority is to ensure our sport is safe. If you are also able to offer legal advice on this matter please contact, or any of the governing bodies mentioned above.
Many in the community knew this official and are now struggling with confusion and disbelief, as are we. We strongly encourage you not to bear these burdens on your own. Please speak to your leaguemates and friends, or contact others who are here to help.
Most important is that vulnerable children are protected. If you believe a child is at risk please tell someone. If you believe any person is grooming, endangering or abusing children or adults, or if you believe any child or adult is being groomed or abused, please contact authorities immediately. Only through acting together as a community to rout out all traces of these despicable acts can we create the safe space we all desire.
Please consider a donation to the NSPCC or other such organisation.
⚠️ Save these numbers to your phone ⚠️
We urge you to save these numbers to your phone today, now. We cannot know when we will be faced with a choice to intervene; please be prepared to act.
Samaritans: 116 123 or 0845 790 9090
Counselling Directory: 0844 8030 240
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC): 0808 800 5000
If you are under 18 feel unsafe, or simply want advice, please contact the NSPCC’s Childline on 0800 1111
The Rape Crisis Centre: 0161 273 4500
National Victims support help line is 0808168 9111
The Rape and Sexual Abuse (RASAC) Support Centre: 0808 802 9999
⚠️ Please save these numbers to your phone ⚠️