British Roller Derby Championships

2017 Promotion Playoffs – Roller Derby Diary Sponsor Playoffs

Playoffs is now only 1 day away! If you didn’t know that by now, you definitely need to check out our sponsor, Roller Derby Diary.

Roller Derby Diary make derby-specific diaries to help you keep track of which sports halls you’ll be spending your weekends in next year, alongside your non-derby life appointments. They’ll be perfect for keeping track of all the 2017 Champs fixtures, plus they can also personalise your diary with your derby name and number!

Roller Derby Diary won’t be joining us in Newark this weekend, but they’ll be getting a mention during all our timeouts. Rumour has it there’s a special offer in the Playoffs programme so keep your eyes peeled!

Not for your tickets for the weekend yet? Wow, you like to live on the edge! Advance tickets on sale until tonight, find all the ticket information here. See you tomorrow!