British Roller Derby Championships

WFTDA-side Fixtures 2018

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T12018-04-21London Rockin' RollersLondon Rockin' RollersLiverpool Roller Birds
T12018-05-12Glasgow Roller DerbyGlasgow Roller DerbyLiverpool Roller Birds
T12018-05-12Glasgow Roller DerbyCentral City RollergirlsLondon Rockin' Rollers
T12018-06-16Manchester CheckerBroadsGlasgow Roller DerbyLondon Rockin' Rollers
T12018-07-07Liverpool Roller BirdsLiverpool Roller BirdsCentral City Rollergirls
T12018-07-07Liverpool Roller BirdsCentral City RollergirlsGlasgow Roller Derby
T2North2018-02-24Sheffield Steel RollergirlsWirral Savage LiliesNorfolk RD: The Norfolk Brawds
T2North2018-02-24Sheffield Steel RollergirlsSheffield Steel RollergirlsAuld Reekie All-Star Reserves
T2North2018-04-15Wirral Savage LiliesSheffield Steel RollergirlsNorfolk RD: The Norfolk Brawds
T2North2018-04-15Wirral Savage LiliesWirral Savage LiliesRebellion Roller Derby
T2North2018-05-13Norfolk RD: The Norfolk BrawdsAuld Reekie All-Star ReservesWirral Savage Lilies
T2North2018-05-13Norfolk RD: The Norfolk BrawdsNorfolk RD: The Norfolk BrawdsRebellion Roller Derby
T2North2018-06-09Auld Reekie All-Star ReservesRebellion Roller DerbySheffield Steel Rollergirls
T2North2018-06-09Auld Reekie All-Star ReservesAuld Reekie All-Star ReservesNorfolk RD: The Norfolk Brawds
T2North2018-07-15Rebellion Roller DerbyWirral Savage LiliesSheffield Steel Rollergirls
T2North2018-07-15Rebellion Roller DerbyRebellion Roller DerbyAuld Reekie All-Star Reserves
T2South2018-02-17SWAT Roller DerbyNorth Devon Roller GirlsLondon Batter C Power
T2South2018-02-17SWAT Roller DerbySWAT Roller DerbyRoyal Windsor Roller Girls
T2South2018-03-25Bath Roller Derby GirlsSWAT Roller DerbyBath Roller Derby Girls
T2South2018-03-25Bath Roller Derby GirlsRoyal Windsor Roller GirlsLondon Batter C Power
T2South2018-05-20North Devon Roller GirlsBath Roller Derby GirlsRoyal Windsor Roller Girls
T2South2018-05-20North Devon Roller GirlsNorth Devon Roller GirlsSWAT Roller Derby
T2South2018-06-24SWAT Roller DerbyLondon Batter C PowerSWAT Roller Derby
T2South2018-06-24SWAT Roller DerbyBath Roller Derby GirlsNorth Devon Roller Girls
T2South2018-07-21London Batter C PowerRoyal Windsor Roller GirlsNorth Devon Roller Girls
T2South2018-07-21London Batter C PowerLondon Batter C PowerBath Roller Derby Girls
T3North2018-02-17Wakey Wheeled CatsHalifax Bruising BanditasNewcastle Roller Girls Whippin Hinnies
T3North2018-02-17Wakey Wheeled CatsWakey Wheeled CatsHallam Hellcats Roller Derby
T3North2018-03-17Newcastle Roller Girls Whippin HinniesGranite City Northern FightsWakey Wheeled Cats
T3North2018-03-17Newcastle Roller Girls Whippin HinniesNewcastle Roller Girls Whippin HinniesHallam Hellcats Roller Derby
T3North2018-04-21Granite City Northern FightsWakey Wheeled CatsNewcastle Roller Girls Whippin Hinnies
T3North2018-04-21Granite City Northern FightsGranite City Northern FightsHalifax Bruising Banditas
T3North2018-05-27Hallam Hellcats Roller DerbyNewcastle Roller Girls Whippin HinniesGranite City Northern Fights
T3North2018-05-27Hallam Hellcats Roller DerbyHallam Hellcats Roller DerbyHalifax Bruising Banditas
T3North2018-07-15Halifax Bruising BanditasHallam Hellcats Roller DerbyGranite City Northern Fights
T3North2018-07-15Halifax Bruising BanditasHalifax Bruising BanditasWakey Wheeled Cats
T3South2018-02-11Killa Hurtz Roller GirlsWiltshire Women's ACambridge Rollerbillies
T3South2018-02-11Killa Hurtz Roller GirlsKilla Hurtz Roller GirlsHertfordshire Roller Derby
T3South2018-03-10Cambridge RollerbilliesHertfordshire Roller DerbyWiltshire Women's A
T3South2018-03-10Cambridge RollerbilliesCambridge RollerbilliesDorset Roller Girls
T3South2018-04-22Wiltshire Women's AKilla Hurtz Roller GirlsCambridge Rollerbillies
T3South2018-04-22Wiltshire Women's AWiltshire Women's ADorset Roller Girls
T3South2018-06-02Dorset Roller GirlsCambridge RollerbilliesHertfordshire Roller Derby
T3South2018-06-02Dorset Roller GirlsDorset Roller GirlsKilla Hurtz Roller Girls
T3South2018-07-08Hertfordshire Roller DerbyKilla Hurtz Roller GirlsWiltshire Women's A
T3South2018-07-08Hertfordshire Roller DerbyHertfordshire Roller DerbyDorset Roller Girls
T3East2018-02-24Mansfield Roller DerbyHulls Angels Roller DamesNottingham Roller Girls
T3East2018-02-24Mansfield Roller DerbyMansfield Roller DerbyLincolnshire Bombers
T3East2018-03-24Roller Derby LeicesterMansfield Roller DerbyHulls Angels Roller Dames
T3East2018-03-24Roller Derby LeicesterRoller Derby LeicesterNottingham Roller Girls
T3East2018-05-12Hulls Angels Roller DamesNottingham Roller GirlsLincolnshire Bombers
T3East2018-05-12Hulls Angels Roller DamesHulls Angels Roller DamesRoller Derby Leicester
T3East2018-06-02Nottingham Roller GirlsLincolnshire BombersRoller Derby Leicester
T3East2018-06-02Nottingham Roller GirlsNottingham Roller GirlsMansfield Roller Derby
T3East2018-07-21Lincolnshire BombersRoller Derby LeicesterMansfield Roller Derby
T3East2018-07-21Lincolnshire BombersLincolnshire BombersHulls Angels Roller Dames
T3West2018-02-10Hereford Roller GirlsNorth Wales Roller DerbyWolverhampton Honour Rollers
T3West2018-02-10Hereford Roller GirlsHereford Roller GirlsDolly Rockit Rollers
T3West2018-03-25Dolly Rockit RollersNorth Wales Roller DerbyHereford Roller Girls
T3West2018-03-25Dolly Rockit RollersDolly Rockit RollersRiot City Ravens
T3West2018-04-21Wolverhampton Honour RollersHereford Roller GirlsRiot City Ravens
T3West2018-04-21Wolverhampton Honour RollersWolverhampton Honour RollersDolly Rockit Rollers
T3West2018-06-09North Wales Roller DerbyRiot City RavensWolverhampton Honour Rollers
T3West2018-06-09North Wales Roller DerbyNorth Wales Roller DerbyDolly Rockit Rollers
T3West2018-07-14Riot City RavensWolverhampton Honour RollersHereford Roller Girls
T3West2018-07-14Riot City RavensRiot City RavensNorth Wales Roller Derby
T4North2018-03-03Sunderland Roller DerbySunderland Roller DerbyFurness Firecrackers
T4North2018-03-03Sunderland Roller DerbySpa Town Roller GirlsDurham City Rolling Angels
T4North2018-03-25Furness FirecrackersSpa Town Roller GirlsSunderland Roller Derby
T4North2018-03-25Furness FirecrackersFurness FirecrackersDurham Roller Derby
T4North2018-05-20Spa Town Roller GirlsFurness FirecrackersSpa Town Roller Girls
T4North2018-05-20Spa Town Roller GirlsDurham Roller DerbyDurham City Rolling Angels
T4North2018-06-16Durham Roller DerbyDurham City Rolling AngelsFurness Firecrackers
T4North2018-06-16Durham Roller DerbySunderland Roller DerbyDurham Roller Derby
T4North2018-07-21Durham City Rolling AngelsDurham Roller DerbySpa Town Roller Girls
T4North2018-07-21Durham City Rolling AngelsDurham City Rolling AngelsSunderland Roller Derby
T4South2018-03-11Eastbourne Roller DerbyBridgend Roller DerbyMilton Keynes Concrete Cows
T4South2018-03-11Eastbourne Roller DerbyEastbourne Roller DerbyPlymouth City Roller Derby
T4South2018-04-15Milton Keynes Concrete CowsOxford Wheels of GoryEastbourne Roller Derby
T4South2018-04-15Milton Keynes Concrete CowsMilton Keynes Concrete CowsPlymouth City Roller Derby
T4South2018-05-13Oxford Wheels of GoryEastbourne Roller DerbyMilton Keynes Concrete Cows
T4South2018-05-13Oxford Wheels of GoryOxford Wheels of GoryBridgend Roller Derby
T4South2018-06-09Plymouth City Roller DerbyMilton Keynes Concrete CowsOxford Wheels of Gory
T4South2018-06-09Plymouth City Roller DerbyPlymouth City Roller DerbyBridgend Roller Derby
T4South2018-07-07Bridgend Roller DerbyPlymouth City Roller DerbyOxford Wheels of Gory
T4South2018-07-07Bridgend Roller DerbyBridgend Roller DerbyEastbourne Roller Derby
T4East2018-02-10Suffolk Women's ADeathrow Hull Roller DerbyGrim Reavers
T4East2018-02-10Suffolk Women's ASuffolk Women's AThe York Minxters
T4East2018-04-15Grim ReaversSuffolk Women's ADeathrow Hull Roller Derby
T4East2018-04-15Grim ReaversGrim ReaversVendetta Vixens
T4East2018-05-13Deathrow Hull Roller DerbyVendetta VixensSuffolk Women's A
T4East2018-05-13Deathrow Hull Roller DerbyThe York MinxtersDeathrow Hull Roller Derby
T4East2018-06-16Vendetta VixensGrim ReaversSuffolk Women's A
T4East2018-06-16Vendetta VixensVendetta VixensThe York Minxters
T4East2018-07-08The York MinxtersThe York MinxtersGrim Reavers
T4East2018-07-08The York MinxtersDeathrow Hull Roller DerbyVendetta Vixens
T4West2018-02-17North Cheshire Victory RollersRailtown Loco RollersRiverside Rebels Roller Derby
T4West2018-02-17North Cheshire Victory RollersNorth Cheshire Victory RollersBlackpool Roller Derby
T4West2018-03-17Riverside Rebels Roller DerbyNorth Cheshire Victory RollersRailtown Loco Rollers
T4West2018-03-17Riverside Rebels Roller DerbyRiverside Rebels Roller DerbyArcadia Roller Derby
T4West2018-04-22Railtown Loco RollersBlackpool Roller DerbyRiverside Rebels Roller Derby
T4West2018-04-22Railtown Loco RollersRailtown Loco RollersArcadia Roller Derby
T4West2018-06-23Arcadia Roller DerbyRiverside Rebels Roller DerbyNorth Cheshire Victory Rollers
T4West2018-06-23Arcadia Roller DerbyArcadia Roller DerbyBlackpool Roller Derby
T4West2018-07-21Blackpool Roller DerbyArcadia Roller DerbyNorth Cheshire Victory Rollers
T4West2018-07-21Blackpool Roller DerbyBlackpool Roller DerbyRailtown Loco Rollers