British Roller Derby Championships

Women’s T3 North and West – The Road To Playoffs

It seems like the Season has only just begun but we’re approaching the exciting conclusion of many of our divisions and tiers. It can get a little complex so we’re here to guide you through the various permutations to let you know who’s got what to play for!

Women’s Tier 3

The Women’s T3 Playoffs will take place on Saturday 26th September.

North Division

Furness Firecrackers remain in pole position for the play-offs with nine points out of three games. One more victory should see them through with their superior points difference, but winning both their remaining games, against Granite City Roller Girls and Dundee Roller Girls, would give them the Divisional Title.

The second play off spot will be taken by either Liverpool Roller Birds, Dundee Roller Girls or Sheffield Steel Roller Girls. Liverpool have points in the bag, but they will be joined on 9 points by the winners of the Dundee vs Sheffield game on gameday 6. It’s possible that all three could end up on 9 points if Dundee beat Sheffield, Furness beat Dundee and Sheffield beat Liverpool. In that case, points differential would be the difference, with Dundee currently having a 272 point advantage over Liverpool.

Dundee have two difficult games, playing Sheffield on gameday 6 and Furness on gameday 7. They must win at least one of these to be in the playoff hunt, but the game against Sheffield will be a key game in the season. Sheffield similarly need to win at least one game, but unlike Dundee, their fate is absolutely in their own hands. If they beat Dundee and Liverpool, they qualify for the playoffs.

Granite City cannot reach the playoffs but they can still avoid relegation, though they are reliant on other results. They must hope that one of either Sheffield or Dundee lose both their remaining games, that Granite City win both of their remaining games, and hopefully end up with a higher points differential than Sheffield or Dundee.

The Bruising Banditas have already been relegated but will hope to get a good result and their first win of the season over Granite City on the last day of the season

West Division

In the West Division, Belfast Roller Derby will be Divisional champions by winning their final game on game day seven against Hereford.

The last position will go to either Birmingham Blitz Dames, Swansea City Roller Derby, or Hereford Roller Girls. All are currently tied on six points from three games. Birmingham have the more difficult run in with games against Hereford and Swansea. The Blitz Dames fate is in their own hands – win both games and they will take second spot.

Swansea have what looks like an easier route, and with their points differential, if they win both their games they should qualify, as they have a nearly 800 point differential over Hereford. Their key game is against Birmingham on gameday 7, which could be a straight shoot out for a play off place, if both teams triumph on gameday 6.

Hereford will have really earned their playoff place if they qualify. They need to beat Birmingham and Belfast and hope Swansea lose one of their games, as their points differential is dwarfed by both Blitz Dames the Swans.

At the bottom, Nottingham Roller Girls have a chance to save themselves but must win their final two games against Swansea and Dolly Rockit Rollers, and hope that one of Birmingham, Swansea or Hereford lose both their final remaining games. They must also recover a large points gap, so a big victory over Swansea looks like their best option, with a large win over the Dolly Rockits on gameday 7.

The Dolly Rockit Rollers are already relegated but will be looking to pick up their first win of the season against Nottingham on the final day.